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The Founder of this Institution Dr.Kuwait Raja @K.P.R. Raja, S/0. K.L.Pillayar Raja, A Non- Resident of India, (NRI) an optimist and kind hearted philanthropist at Rajapalayam in Tamilnadu. He has been extending his moral and material support to the downtrodden people of this region for the past several years.



Mr.K.P.Subramania Raja


A multifaceted and level headed energetic personality, who believes "Service to the Humanity is service to the God". As a visionary, he thinks that the very best service to Humanity is imparting a 'Meaningful Value Based Nursing Education' which helps to build healthier body for housing scared soul and intelligence for obtaining a meritorious happy life in the present world.


By having the vision of imparting Qualitative Nursing education to the students, who hail from urban and sub-urban area, he founded the PIMASUGAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST at Rajapalayam in 2007. The trust is very keen to promote education at International standards of nursing profession, to engage research activities and to incorporate innovative academic programs by making Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the best nursing college and leading Hospital of the world in the near future.